Founded in 1981 in Curitiba, Paraná, soon consolidated in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In the following decade ensured it´s market leader positioning in Brazil specializing in diverse segments of private parking. Besides that, joined consortiums that made the main public concession underground garages possible.

Pioneer in the segment, Estapar brought first to Brazil technological services as automation to parking operations. Stablished it´s differential with the exclusivity contract with the biggest car insurance company in the country, Porto Seguro.

Also was the pioneer in Zona Azul (On-Street) parking meter operation and first mover once again implementing mobile payment in On-Street operations, aligned with services already offered in several other capitals worldwide. Innovated in the Brazilian market offering online pre booking in Off-Street parking operations, another global trend.

In the latest years, settled it’s leadership process in Latin America assuming large-scale operations in both public and private concessions in the main airports, atop the biggest sports arenas in Brazil, leading several segments as hospitals, universities, high standard commercial buildings, shopping malls, among others.

We are currently present in 18 estates, besides the Federal District (Brasília), in 93 municipalities,  with over than 468K parking spaces in approximately 700 operations, in adittiton to the other 22 Digital Zona Azul (On-Street) cities. All this with the support of our nearly 6,000 employees.


Expand and consolidate leadership in parking and expand operations in urban mobility, with a consistent offer of solutions and a relevant presence in major cities


Simplify and connect life of a moving society


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Accelerate growth

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Optimize return on capital

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Enhance value offerings for customers

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Drive digital platform

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Advance in the AutoTech value chain

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Develop human capital

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Advance on the ESG Agenda